I just happen to come up hard.

In the crucible of life, I found my start,
Where hardship forged my soul, with every shard.
Through trials deep, I learned to play my part,
I just happen to come up hard.

No silver spoons or paths of ease,
Just rugged terrain and turbulent seas.
But from the struggle, I did not depart,
For strength is born from the resilient heart.

With every setback, I found my way,
Refusing to be defined by dismay.
Though the road was tough, I dared to discard,
The notion that fate held all the cards.

For in the depths of adversity's embrace,
I discovered the power to embrace,
The challenges that shaped me, scarred,
Yet made me who I am, unmarred.

So let the winds of adversity blow,
For I am rooted, steadfast, and I know,
That from the depths, I will rise unmarred,
For I just happen to come up hard.

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