Plastic Islands

Plastic islands are the 'new coral reefs',
Where bottles and bags sway with grief.
Once vibrant seas, now choked with waste,
A world of plastic, no natural taste.

Among the waves, no vibrant hue,
Just synthetic sprawl, an eerie view.
Sea creatures lost in this plastic maze,
Their home destroyed, a tragic phase.

Man-made shores, where plastic reigns,
Echoes of folly, where nature wanes.
Yet amidst the debris, a call to heed,
To restore the oceans, in dire need.

For plastic islands need not be the fate,
We must act now, before it's too late.
To cleanse the seas, restore their grace,
And reclaim the beauty of every space.

There are more plastics and less fish in the waters,
Where once they danced, now debris totters.
Glistening waves once held life's embrace,
Now choked with remnants, a desolate space.

Ocean's breath once whispered tales untold,
Now silenced by the grip of plastic's hold.
Creatures of the deep, their habitat marred,
By humanity's disregard, their destiny scarred.

Seas of turquoise turned murky gray,
As plastics reign and life fades away.
A symphony of life reduced to a plea,
For humans to awaken, to set life free.

Let's weave a new narrative, a hopeful song,
Where waters run clear and life belongs.
With each step forward, let's make amends,
And restore the balance, before it ends.

If we care for the oceans, they’ll care for us,
Their whispers echo in the seashells' hush.
Beneath the azure skies and waves that crest,
A world of wonder, in depths we invest.

From coral reefs to whales' majestic flight,
Each creature plays its part, in day and night.
Yet heedless hands have marred this pristine scene,
Pollution's grip, a tale of what has been.

Plastic islands drift in currents' embrace,
A haunting reminder of our misplaced grace.
But hope still glimmers in the ocean's eyes,
If we but listen to its mournful cries.

With every step towards a greener shore,
We chart a course where beauty can restore.
For in the dance of tide and moon above,
Lies the promise of redemption, and love.

So let us pledge to be the ocean's kin,
To mend its wounds, and let the healing in.
For in caring for the oceans, we find,
A bond that echoes through the sands of time.
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