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You lose your grip and then you slip into the masterpiece,Where shadows dance with light in a symphony of peace.A canvas stretched across the sky, in hues both bold and mild,Every stroke a whisper, each color running wild. You fall into the winding path where dreams and truth entwine,Where time dissolves like morning mist, and […]
Love is often portrayed as a gentle embrace, a soothing balm for life’s wounds; where everything falls into place effortlessly. However, the reality is far more complex. For some, love arrives in a tempest, a whirlwind of criticism and challenge. True love is about embracing vulnerability, accepting challenges, and finding strength in the journey. In […]
In a world often characterized by fleeting connections and superficial encounters, finding someone who resonates deeply with your soul can feel like discovering a rare treasure. In human relationships, there are moments that shimmer with promise, moments that whisper of destiny, moments that resonate with the profound possibility of forever. I want to share about […]
In matters of the heart, the line between genuine affection and calculated deception can often blur, leaving one bewildered and wounded. Sometimes one finds themselves unwittingly entangled in the web of someone else’s intentions. Such was the case for me, an unsuspecting individual, who found himself entangled in the web of a girl whose intentions […]
Secrets are like festering wounds buried deep within our psyche, poisoning our well-being and impairing our mental health. The phrase “We are as sick as our secrets” encapsulates the profound impact that hidden truths can have on our overall wellness. Whether it’s a personal secret, a family secret, or a societal secret, the act of […]
Love, an emotion celebrated in poetry, literature, and song, is often depicted as a force that binds and uplifts. However, nestled within its complex tapestry lies an irony that is both profound and poignant: the experience of loving without reciprocity. It is a paradoxical state where one gives their heart freely, only to find it […]
Love, a profound and intricate emotion, often dances hand in hand with the fear of loss. The fear of losing a loved one can cast a shadow over the beauty of relationships, impeding the natural flow of emotions. However, the concept of a “Chance of Love without Fear of Loss” suggests a pathway towards a […]