Balerina Rising, 2022
Nude in Seat, 2022
Peacock Dress of Lady Herrana, 2022
Concealed, 2022
Girl with Red Gloves, 2022
Tucked Away, 2022
Nia’s New Shoes, 2022
Control, 2022
Obusingye (Tranquil)- Self portrait, 2022
Covered, 2022
Girl with large Earrings,2022
Muse in Yellow Dress, 2022
Condola Looking Over, 2022
Condola Contemplating, 2022
Woman Enough, 2022
Unspoken Feelings and Buried Truths_2021
Boy with Fish_2021
Where the Secrets Lie in the Border Fires _2021
Meeting at the Benches_2021
Looking Over Her Shoulder_2021
Muse in Robe_2021
Muse on Stool_2021
Red Pillow_2021
Her Perspective_2021
Twists and Curls_2021
Two Leaning Girls_2021
Large Shirts_2021
Maisho g’Enyana, 2021
Complete and Unbridged, 2021
Girl with Cigarette and Promise of Fire, 2021
Girl on Swing, 2021
A Ragged Cup, a Twisted Mop, 2021
Breakfast at Melinda’s, 2021
Playing Donkey, 2020-21
As it Shifts and Cracks, 2020-21
Restless Beds, 2020-21
Bathers, 2019
Girl in wine glass, 2019
Reflection of Kampala (Street Mural) Signed Prints available for sale


Doddridge Busingye, The Master Bedroom, 2018
Doddridge Busingye, Special Needs, 2020
Doddridge Busingye, Plastic Smiles, 2020
Doddridge Busingye, Hot Water Bottle, 2020
Doddridge Busingye, Woman at work, 2020
Doddridge Busingye, Complacent, 2019